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  • Armorlite™ Composite Construction
    Armorlite is a Composite FRP offering unequaled strength and a USDA approved surface.
  • ArmorGuard™ Scuff Liner
    Armorguard is available in multiple heights to give you protection where you need it without adding excess weight.
  • No Bolt-Thru Construction
    Internal Reinforcements allow hardware to be secured without bolting through to minimize BTU transfer.
  • Corrosion Free Hardware
    All hardware used in the Center Partition System is made of either stainless steel or aluminum to prevent corrosion.
  • Completely Recessed Hardware
    All hardware is recessed to eliminate damage during loading and unloading.
  • Ergonomic Handle Placement
    The spring loaded handles of the Center Partition panels are positioned for better panel balance and easier movement.
  • Logical Logistic Track
    Single pocket and full-length logistic track pockets maximize cube length and/or bulkhead placement options.
  • Panel Widths To Fit
    Many stock and custom panel sizes to fit your exact requirements.


The rear panel is designed for use in extreme loading conditions. It contains a number of internal and external reinforcements that provide it with the strength necessary to withstand the repeated abuse incurred during trailer loading.  They also typically have a locking bar to secure the rear of the wall.


Specialized Front Panels are often used to secure the location of the first panel in the wall.  They can also divert air to a specific side of the trailer or body, sealing against the return air bulkhead and refrigeration unit.


When the Center Partition panels extend to, and seals against the front wall of the trailer/body it is referred to as a Front Wall System.


When the Center Partition panels and insulated bulkheads enclose a remote evaporator it is referred to as a Cube System.


Our experience and technological abilities allow us to build each system to the highest quality standards.

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