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A center partition is an insulated panel system that is installed in a trailer to divide the contents into different temperatures. In 1974, FG revolutionized the industry with the development of the Center Partition System. This concept (popularized in the late 1980’s with multi-temp refrigeration systems) provided refrigerated distributors greater route flexibility and increased product diversity, while improving temperature management.

Because of its unmatched quality, durability and versatility, the FG Center Partition System has become the industry standard. A complete Center Partition System can vary greatly depending on the job it’s designed for. Moveable or fixed insulated panels, insulated bulkhead(s) and possibly a return air bulkhead come together to create a specification unique to each distribution trailer or truck body. Refrigerated transporters can transport as many as four different temperature loads in the same vehicle without compromising the cold chain.

FG Products will work closely with those involved to make sure all components work as expected upon arrival. Whether you are ordering new, or retro-fitting existing equipment, FG Products can handle the load.


As concerns about Food Safety, Driver Safety, Fuel Consumption and Return on Investment rise, FG Products can offer proven solutions. Our Account Managers are the most experienced in the field, having developed thousands of specifications. Let them simplify the process, saving you time and effort.

Each component is traceable by serial number in our computer system for quick, precise information and communication.

FG Products is committed to continuous improvement in both Product Quality and Customer Service. Building long-lasting working partnerships is the ultimate goal.


FG Products is also a custom manufacturer, taking on many projects that others just can’t. If your operation has a specific need in multi-temp distribution, FG is the first place to look!


Our experience and technological abilities allow us to build each system to the highest quality standards.

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