Industry Studies

Industry Studies

FG Products, Inc has spent the last 45 years manufacturing products to improve air circulation and/or separate different temperatures within Refrigerated Distribution Vehicles. Calculating a Return on Investment (ROI), or the effectiveness of products has always been a challenge until recently. With the help of willing customers and portable data loggers, FG has been able to shed some light on what happens inside a cold, dark trailer.

Air Chutes

FG Products, Inc conducted a series of tests to determine if there was an advantage to using our Side Duct Air Chute for improved air circulation. The results are significant!


FG Products, Inc conducted a series of tests to see if there was a significant advantage when using a Re-Flex bulkhead to reduce the cooling space in a refrigerated trailer. “Why cool the entire trailer if there is only half a load, or if only half the load requires cooling?” The answers are obvious. The test data and feedback from our customers quantify the advantages.

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