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AN OVERview of the uni-flow air system Products

FG’s Uni-flow product line features products designed to deliver and preserve uniform temperatures throughout the entire trailer. Working with the refrigeration unit, Return Air Bulkheads and Air Chutes separate the cold air from the warmer return air to manage the temperature of the enitire trailer length.  Strip Curtains provide an added barrier of temperature containment at the rear and side doors of the trailer or truck body.  FG Products manufacturers return air bulkheads that are compatible with all refrigeration units for use in single and multi-temp applications.  


Because of food and safety awareness, the Uni-flow air systems are highly recommended for all refrigerated distributors. Ease the pain of trying to keep refrigerated goods fresh, frozen or dry by investing in one of FG’s Uni-flow Air Systems!


Check out our latest curtain options for your trailer to keep your contents extra protected from temperature change!


Our experience and technological abilities allow us to build each system to the highest quality standards.

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