History of Innovations

1962:  FG Products’ pioneering spirit was born when we built the very first insulated bulkhead for the Refrigerated Transport Industry. FG patented the very first Insulated Bulkhead with a two temp fan kit in 1967, giving transporters a multi-temp solution at an affordable price. Generations later the Insulated Bulkhead has taken on new forms, evolving into the products used today.

1974:  FG’s next major innovation came with the introduction of the Center Partition Concept.  Dividing the vehicle into two or three lanes with configuration flexibility was clearly an advantage to distributors. It wasn't until the late 1989:  Multi-temp refrigeration systems began to enter the market, that the Center Partition Concept became popular.  Today the Center Partition System has the flexibility to accommodate all types of distribution needs. It is especially popular among Foodservice Distributors who have many smaller deliveries with increasing diversity.

1981:  To help refrigeration units operate more efficiently, FG Products developed the Return Air Bulkhead. By separating the warmer return air from the chilled air coming out of the refrigeration unit, better temperature control is achieved and more accurate temperatures readings are monitored. This Return Air Bulkhead was patented in 1983.

1990:  FG Products developed the first split finger air chute called the Uni-Flow Side Duct Air Chute.  This design almost eliminated the damage associated with center run chutes common at the time.

2007:  Borrowing from the United Kingdom and Europe, FG developed an Insulation Kit for the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van.  Today FG has a kit for 18 models of Cargo Vans across 3 manufacturers.  Dubbed "Cool-R Kits", these packages fit a niche in the distribution industry as food safety concerns and delivery desires escalate.  

Our history has made us the company to watch as the Refrigerated Transportation Industry evolves.

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