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Commitment To The Future

In order to succeed in the Bulkhead and Partition business, FG feels that we need to concentrate on the product and service, or support, for the organizations that use our products.

Every product manufactured by FG is designed exceed in its environment, giving our customers the maximum Return on Investment.
The philosophy of Continuous Improvement allows our products to become more advanced with each passing year.  For example, first generation Center Partition Panels are considerably less durable than the panels we produce today; tolerances are much tighter, even the materials and hardware have all changed despite the fact that the panels look very similar.

The Research and Development team at FG constantly pushes the envelope exploring new materials, concepts and processes that allow us to introduce new products that are highly advanced and tested. Strict requirements must be met before the name of FG Products Inc. will go on the product.

As distributors needs become more complex, our level of service and support must also increase. The better we know and understand our customers, the better our service is to them. Most of our customers comment that once FG’s level of support and service is experienced, there is no reason to look elsewhere.

We continue to build lasting partnerships with distributors across the United States, Canada, and the world. As we look to the future we see many new products, and a new level of service for our associates.

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