Industry Studies

Re-flex Bulkhead Test 2

Company: Ingles Markets
Setup: Used 100 Re-Flex Bulkheads to separate refrigerated from dry goods and reduce cooling space throughout the route.
Trailer Length: 48’
Evaluation Period: 6 months

Data Loggers were not used for this evaluation.

Ingles Markets conducted this study on their own in order to evaluate the use of Insulated Portable Bulkheads.

Quick Conclusions:

Ingles Markets reported fuel savings alone of more than 20,000 gallons of fuel for the first 6 months of the evaluation. This does not include savings from product loss or refrigeration unit hours & maintenance.


It should be clear that there is a definite benefit to using an insulated bulkhead to separate mixed loads and save fuel. FG’s test on an empty trailer showed the insulating properties of a properly fitted Re-Flex bulkhead and how heat sources diminish over time.

It should be obvious that the smaller area to cool, the less time it will take and a loaded trailer will achieve set point faster. Insulated bulkheads are also an excellent safeguard against leaking doors and a way to contain temperatures during wait times at loading docks.

Please note that each test trailer was outfitted with a properly sized refrigeration unit. Our test results do not indicate inadequate refrigeration unit performance.

In both cases it is important to remember that proper air circulation and temperature control is only possible if the method used is consistent and reliable.

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