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How Can I Get a Cool-R Kit?

FG Products has designed our COOL-R Kits around a few principles:

Maximum Thermal Efficiency

1. Turn Key Solution - Ship To

FG works with our local Van Dealers that retain inventory or have quick access to Vans that meet our Kit requirements.  We can source the van, insulate it, refrigerate it and deliver it to your local Van Dealership.  This process provides one invoice from the Van Dealer for the complete package.  You can also have your local Van Dealer ship the van to us for install.  This is commonly referred to as a Ship-To Upfitter Solution. 

  1. 2. Turn Key Solution – Ship Thru

FG can ship the COOL-R Kit to an authorized Ship Thru for installation.  These partners are close to the Van assembly plant/factory - eliminating some transportation costs.  A Ship Thru is commonly used on larger volume orders that require vans to be shipped to multiple locations across North America.  FG Products can help determine the proper Ship Thru to use.

  1. 3. Local Refrigeration Dealer

Most refrigeration dealers are familiar with FG Products because of our Trailer and Van Products.  These industry partners are a natural fit for our COOL-R Kit installation because of our relationships and since 99% of insulated vans require a refrigeration system.  FG will ship the COOL-R Kit to be installed with the Refrigeration unit at your local dealership.  You provide the properly specified van (new or used) for the installation.  This process is all quoted through the Refrigeration Dealer.  Please specify the FG Products COOL-R Kit for a quote. 

Why FG Does Not Sell Direct:

Installation: Many people are mechanically gifted, but there is a learning curve to installing our products. You deserve installation from a certified installer.

Standardized Kits: That means that the Van should have a certain specification to avoid added time and cost during the installation. Not just any Van will work.

Refrigeration: The Refrigeration Unit needs to be installed by a certified technician, preferably at the time of COOL-R Kit Installation.

Warranty: The Van, the Refrigeration Unit and the COOL-R Kit. If anything goes wrong, you will need a clear, traceable path to a solution.

Credit: FG has credit history with our partners. Van Dealers have financing if necessary. We prefer not to enter the banking business.

Shipping: Our COOL-R Kits arrive on large pallets that require a loading dock and a fork truck with long tines.


The Cost of a COOL-R Kit?

The cost of our insulation packages are going to vary. We are not the least expensive in the market, nor are we the most expensive especially when you consider only the invoice amount.  However, you pay for a refrigerated van every day it is used through refrigeration run-time.  This run-time is dependent on the insulation values, loading and delivery practices, ambient temperatures, etc. . . The more the unit runs, the more it costs every day, and will need to be maintained.  If you can’t reach your desired temperature and the unit never shuts off, or condensation drips down the side of the van, you should consider a better setup. 

A premium and reliable van package should be an asset to your business.  Lesser products that don’t help you navigate the Sanitary Food Transportation Act,  or Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), will become a liability.

A complete Cool-R Kit with Refrigeration Upfit can add $15,000-$20,000+ to the price of the van depending on Van Size, Kit Options and Refrigeration Unit.  Our Distribution Channels provide the most economical path to a product worthy of our nameLet’s get together and create something that is worthy of Your Name!

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